“Stanislaw Lem, a visionary and a hoaxer”

On January 16 in the Center of Slavic Cultures we are waiting for evening dedicated to one of the most remarkable writers of the XX century: “Stanislaw Lem, a visionary and a hoaxer”. During this evening we’ll open a book exhibition, listen to lecture and see excerptions of Solaris’ different versions.

We invite you for some events:

16:00 – opening of the same name book exhibition , which presents the various editions of Lem’s books in the original language and translations, as well as books about its autor. The exhibition runs until 29 January.

16:20 – lecture on the work of Stanislaw Lem will read Ph.D. Kovtun Elena Nikolaevna, a great specialist in European fiction of the XX century.

18:00 – Tea Party and film club named “” Solaris “: three versions.” We will see pieces of three versions of this famous novel and discuss the special way of the novel in cinema and theater arts.