Cinema club

This club provides its patrons with Slavic films screening, including films of Slavic production and the ones about Slavic cultures. After watching movies, the members of the club can take part in discussions about themes, main characters and national peculiarities demonstrated in these films.

Children’s Club

This club is focused on children of preschool and school age. The aim is to let kids get familiar with Slavic cultures and children’s national ‘heroes’ by watching cartoons, reading fairytales and comics, playing folk games, sport contests, or board games.

At the table with Slavs (based on the FSC project)

This event implies getting historical backgrounds of Slavic national dishes as well as cooking and tasting processes.

Crafts club for adults

Here you can learn more about national decorative arts and crafts, symbol particularities of each Slavic country (color combinations, patterns and ornaments). You can even make crafts by yourself!

Series of interactive lectures about tourism in Slavic countries

These lectures give you a chance to learn more not only about the most famous touristic routes but also about little-known paths with still picturesque views. You will get historical backgrounds of Slavic places of interest and see wildlife sites, national parks and nature reserves.

Literary evenings. “100 Slavic Novels”

Series of lectures and seminars dedicated to the book collection “100 Slavic Novels”. Patrons can learn more about the content of each novel, main characters, demonstrated national peculiarities. You can also get acquainted with authors and translators, their artistic paths and writing styles. Moreover, you can take part in discussions on key issues of novels, illustrated historical episodes and main characters as peoples’ representatives.

Slavic literature translation features

Series of lectures and seminars about literary translation features, including Slavic poetry. The course provides you with an opportunity to learn the names of outstanding translators of Slavic literature and their pieces of work. The course is available for everyone.

Conversation сlub in all Slavic languages

The club is about holding discussions on various topics, such as hobbies, sports, favorite movies, books and so on to let members of the club master their speaking skills in learnt Slavic languages.

Teen club

The club deals with teens getting familiar with Slavic countries and their particularities. Teens are provided with Slavic youth movies, relevant literature as well as master classes and lectures about the distinctive features of lifestyle in Slavic countries in general, their cultures and languages.

Lecture course about well-known representatives of Slavic countries

The audience is told about distinguished figures which have glorified Slavic countries, in particular artists, writers, doctors, athletes, and representatives of other fields of activities.

Let’s celebrate!

Celebrating the world and national Slavic dates and holidays with all the interested ones. You will be plunged into the world of Slavs or other peoples – delicious national dishes, national music performances, intriguing quests, and meetings with representatives of relevant countries.

Friends and Colleagues

Meetings with managers, successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, representatives of ministries, agencies, etc. The aim is to set up partnerships among representatives of Slavic countries.

Slavic soul

Slavic music concerts and dance classes available to the public. The concerts give you a chance to listen to classical and contemporary Slavic music; dance classes – to try yourself in Slavic traditional dance styles. Participants of all ages are welcome.
So, choose the club you are really interested in and come to our Center without any hesitation! We are open for you all days!