Center of Slavic Cultures opening: concert and exhibition

20 December 2016

The Library for Foreign Literature invites you to the festive evening dedicated to the opening of the Center of Slavic Cultures on 20th of December.

You could be the first to visit our unique photo exhibition, organized by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute, “Handwritten heritage of the Balkans — crossroads of civilizations. Common heritage”.

The author of the exhibition is a well-known Bulgarian art photographer Ivo Hadjimishev. The photos demonstrated on the exhibition illustrate rare historical documents, ancient manuscripts, icons, fresco pieces, temples and monasteries.

You could enjoy then a concert, which includes pieces of work of Slavic classical music composers and musical cultures representatives, vocalic and instrumental music in authentic performances and author’s versions, poetry in performing interpretations of native speakers, and so much more.

Venue: Library for Foreign Literature, 3rd floor, The Marble Hall, The Great Hall.