We celebrate the Grandma Day on January 21!

On January 21, Poland and Bulgaria mark a very moving celebration – Grandma Day!
We decided that it is time for accepting this wonderful tradition. We always love our grandmothers, but why can’t we have one more reason to hug and congratulate them?
So, on January 21 at 16:00 in the Center of Slavic cultures we celebrate the Day of grandmother with children. At the festival we will read some Slavic tales  (imagine the grandmother surprised when your child comes to her in a cozy winter evening and tells her a story, which he had recently learned! ..)
And then we will hold a creative workshop for the production of a small pleasant gift for grandparents. There will be a nice pendant, made by favorite granddaughter or grandson. We will teach your children how to make a pretty little thing from 10-15 of beads, to decorate phone, keys or purse.
Guests are kindly requested to confirm their participation and to register for the event here