The book exhibition “Stanislaw Lem, a visionary and a hoaxer”

The exhibition presents the books by Stanislaw Lem (1921-2006) from the collection of the Library for Foreign Literature, from his debut novel “The Astronauts» ( «Astronauci», 1951) to the last work “Race predators» ( «Rasa drapieżców», 2006). The greatest attention is paid to the Polish editions of Lem, but also different translations are represented (in Russian, English, German and Ukrainian languages). In the last part of exhibition “Around Lem” you can find some works dedicated to the heritage of the Polish writer, philosopher fnd futurist, and it also concerns a wide range of issues related to science fiction.

The exhibition prepared by Alisa Davydova, an employee of the Center for Slavic Cultures.

The exhibition runs from 16 to 29 January.