Evening of the Old Russian literature

A grand project by Vladimir Polovets will be presented for the first time in Moscow. Mr. Polovets is an artist who spent 20 years of his life studying a poem The Tale of Igor’s Campaign and a historical context which affected its fate. The result of his work is a book published in Kiev in 2013.  This rare edition was donated to the Center of Slavic Cultures on the center’s Opening day.  It is a mix of the emotional tension, epic intonation and skillfully fragmented graphics which symbolizes inexorability of Time and History. The artist cherishes images of material culture. He expressed it in a variety of decorative and artistic details saturated with tectonic energy of the ancient cataclysms and also in a talking plastique of the poem’s text. To reproduce the literary monument Mr. Polovets used its first edition printed in Moscow Senate typography in 1880. Some parts of the poem were taken from later paleographic researches. All text of the new edition is written in a font typical for the XI–XII centuries.

In the course of the evening we invite our guests to participate in a debating club Tea with Slavs. The topic for the discussion is Modern life of Old Russian literature.

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